Representative Actions

Some recent Kyros & Pressly cases:

Securities Fraud Class Action Claims brought under 10(b)5 of Securities Exchange Act

We represent investors in publicly traded companies that make materially false and misleading statements about the company's financial condition that artificially inflate the price of the company's stock. 

Securities Fraud Class Actions with Investors currently represented by our firm include:

  • Facebook, Inc
  • Moduslink Global Solutions
  • American Oriental Bioengineering, Inc.
  • K-Sea Transportation Partners

Whistleblower False Claims Act Cases.

Our legal team currently represents dozens of claims in various FCA sectors

  • Defense Contractor Fraud - Client has worked at contractor for many years in the Quality Control department. He has kept notes of all the specific instances where contractor has defrauded the US government. K & P Co-Counsel on 278 page Federal False Claims Act complaint.
  • Medicare Fraud - Clients include Doctors, Nurses, Physician Assistants, and health care workers who are aware of hospitals, ambulance companies, hospice facilities, nursing homes, and health care organization defrauding the government of Medicare and Medicaid. In 2011 our law firm has filed 25 claims under seal seeking tens of millions of dollars for our clients.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal - Our client was contracted to improperly dump toxic waste into rivers and landfills. We are working with FBI and environmental agencies to prosecute the case.

Merger and Acquisition Lawsuits

In 2011 we filed claims on behalf of shareholders in Medco, Petrohawk, Paetc, Icagen, Novellus, China ACM, Motorola/Google, Openlane, and many other cases.

Shareholder Derivative Lawsuits & Securities Litigation

We currently represent investors who lost money in many high profile and private securities actions. Recently,  these include claims against Groupon for investor losses. We also have brought many books and records demands under Delaware law. After such a demand,  our firm recently brought a lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy for misuse of the company’s fleet of private jets. We also represent large investors Opting Out of the class action against Dendreon.

SEC Whistleblower Actions.

We represent whistleblowers, including those senior management positions in cases alleging hundreds of millions of dollars at large publicly traded telecommunications pharmaceutical, energy companies. Recent SEC whistleblower cases include:

  • Telecommunications Fraud - Senior manager of Distribution Company that moves billions of dollars of telecommunications product in US, SEC Action.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Reporting - We are actively representing people making reports in Asia, Russia, All European Countries, and the Middle East with respect to improper payments and bribes made by public traded US companies to government entities in violation of the FCPA. In 2011 we have 6 major actions pending.

Class Action Cases

  • Life Partners Holdings ­- Class Action on behalf of investors in Life Settlements products that were allegedly valued improperly. Co-Counsel with Large national firm.
  • AOL, Brightcove and Scanscout - Class Action in Boston for violating user privacy agreements.
  • HTC Android Phones, Accuweather ­- Class action filed on behalf of phone users for improper HTC data logging tools.
  • First Data - Large consumer class action regarding credit card equipment. Settlement talks.
  • Wage and Labor Case - Defendant operates 150 stores. Chronicled significant wage and hour violations in all stores. We estimate the class size to be at least 500 employees.

Investment Loss FINRA Actions and Lawsuits

We currently represent investors who lost millions in UBS, Lehman Brothers Collapse, Merrill lynch, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Alliance Bernstein, Morgan Stanley and others.